Petey Walters Disrupts The Entertainment Industry With His Versatility

Multifaceted entertainer, Petey Walters, looks set to give the rap game its seemingly lost glory with his unique music style

Los Angeles, Sep 25, 2020 ( - It is looking like the dawn of a new beginning in the entertainment world, especially in the music industry, as the talented musician and rapper, Petey Walters continues to set the stage on fire with his amazing wordplay and energetic performances. The young talented rapper has been able to carve a niche for himself in a relatively short while thanks to his diversity and the uniqueness in the delivery of his lines.

The multi-billion-dollar music industry has evolved over the years, thanks to different categories of stakeholders, including musicians, music producers, and record labels contributing to the development of music and ensuring that fans across the globe remain entertained. The hip-hop community remains one of the most significant markets in the industry, with the rap genre strongly holding it down over the decades. Unfortunately, many of the available music makers, especially rappers, have seemingly deviated from the true essence of doing music, which is where Peter Walters, popularly known by the stage name Petey Walters, is looking to make a difference.

Described as "the best Alternative Artist of his generation," the 25-year-old Petey Walters has been able to work his way into the hearts of music lovers across the globe. Unlike many other hip hop artists and rappers, Petey has practically risen through the ranks, honing his skills as a rapper and entertainer and ultimately delivering entertaining yet thought-provoking content to his audience.

Petey's uniqueness particularly stems from his diversity and ability to deliver rap in a way that stands him out from others. Petey is unlike any rapper in the game as he has been rightly described to be in a league of his own. He personifies every lyric that comes out of his mouth, using music as a form of self-expression and a tool to drive the desired change in the society.

Petey Walters recently dropped a new song titled "Foreign Language," where he featured another talented act, Mistah Moore. He continues to live up to the billing of being the hottest upcoming indie rapper in the game and plans to drop his debut E.P soon.

Petey Walters is currently available across several digital platforms, where he has continued to do good numbers. His works can be found on Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube, and Spotify.

About Petey Walters

Petey Walters is a talented hip-hop artist from Massachusetts and has been described as the hottest upcoming rapper from the North Shore. From going to jail to selling drugs, and defying the odds, he has remained determined to pursue his dream and use music as a tool to inspire millions of people worldwide.

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Petey Walters

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