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After Amazon Echo misfire, ways to protect your own privacy

May 26, 2018

Amazon's Echo misfired, but you have ways to protect your own privacy

Of Mutual Interest: Can small caps keep living large?

May 24, 2018

Thanks to worries about international trade, shares of smaller U.S. companies have done far better than their larger peers over the last three months and indexes of small stocks are at record highs

US home sales fell 2.5 percent in April

May 24, 2018

US sales of existing homes tumbled 2.5 percent in April; inventory shortage and higher costs weigh on market

On the Money: Credit cards to perfect targeting programs

May 23, 2018

Credit card companies want to use their points programs to influence what millions of customers buy, even going as far as influencing what color blender you might purchase

Lingering limbo: Businesses uncertain about tax law impact

May 23, 2018

Rules needed for new tax law leave many small business still wondering if they'll win or lose

Digital Life: Cutting back on a constant smartphone habit

May 23, 2018

For many of us, a smartphone addiction is not so much a debilitating disease but a constant, nagging inconvenience we can't seem to shake

Small clubs cross fingers for World Cup windfalls

May 20, 2018

Not all of the money that will change hands after the World Cup, when clubs trade players who distinguish themselves on football's biggest stage, will line the pockets of selling clubs, agents and the players themselves

Utah lawmaker wants to raise legal marriage age to 18

May 18, 2018

A Utah lawmaker wants to raise the state's legal marriage age to 18 to prevent girls from being pressured into unions associated with higher poverty and lower education rates

Female law professors hope settlement leads to change

May 17, 2018

The University of Denver has agreed to a $2.6 million settlement in a lawsuit filed on behalf of female law professors who say they were illegally paid less than male colleagues

The Latest: University says suit settled to heal community

May 17, 2018

A judge has indicated support for a $2.6 million settlement in a lawsuit against a Colorado law school, filed on behalf of seven female law professors paid less than male colleagues

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