Money Laundering

Prosecutors: Man used auto dealership to defraud Russians

Mar 21, 2018

A Pennsylvania man has admitted using his New Jersey auto dealerships to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from dozens of Russian citizens who paid in advance for luxury automobiles

Gold refinery agrees to $15M fine after money laundering

Mar 16, 2018

A Texas gold refinery has agreed to be fined $15 million after three former employees were convicted in a $3.6 billion money-laundering case involving South American gold

Retired South Dakota state official sentenced in scam

Mar 14, 2018

A retired fraud investigator for the South Dakota Department of Revenue has been sentenced to two years in federal prison and $32,000 in restitution for bank fraud and money laundering

Dozens charged with conspiring to launder drug cartel money

Mar 8, 2018

Federal prosecutors say dozens of people across the U.S. have been charged in connection with an international conspiracy to launder tens of millions of dollars in drug money for Mexican cartels

Ex-Trump campaign chief rebuked by judge for public comments

Feb 28, 2018

A federal judge has reprimanded President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman for speaking publicly in violation of her gag order in his criminal case

Money-laundering watchdog: Close North Korean banks

Feb 23, 2018

The watchdog that monitors global and illicit misuse of funds has cited North Korea as a top source of "ongoing and substantial" money laundering and terrorist financing and urged countries to close North Korean banks

The Latest: Mueller files new charge against Paul Manafort

Feb 23, 2018

Special counsel Robert Mueller is accusing President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman of secretly paying former European politicians to lobby on behalf of Ukraine.

New charges brought against ex-Trump campaign associates

Feb 23, 2018

Special counsel Robert Mueller has filed additional criminal charges against President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman and his business associate

The Latest: Attorney pleads guilty to lying

Feb 20, 2018

An attorney for a prominent law firm is pleading guilty to lying to federal authorities about his interactions with a former Trump campaign associate

Banker: "Nightmare" dodging extortion attempts in Latvia

Feb 19, 2018

Norvik bank has filed an international legal complaint against Latvia in which it alleges that a "Senior Latvian Official" repeatedly sought "to extort monetary bribes," and threatened the bank when its owner refused to pay up

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