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Senators threaten Metro funding over Chinese manufacturer

Apr 15, 2019

Virginia and Maryland senators have proposed legislation basing funding for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority on whether China's state-owned rail car manufacturer creates it new rail cars

US terror label for Iran Revolutionary Guard takes effect

Apr 15, 2019

The U.S. terrorism label for Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps has taken effect amid a battle between the Trump administration and some in Congress over oil and nuclear sanctions waivers

China seizes 2,700 ivory tusks in massive smuggling case

Apr 15, 2019

China has seized more than 2,700 ivory tusks in what customs authorities are calling the country's biggest smuggling case in years

UK proposes banning social media 'likes' for children

Apr 15, 2019

Britain's privacy regulator wants to stop kids from being able to "like" posts on Facebook and other social media sites as part of tough new rules it's proposing to protect children's online privacy

German government rejects talk of economic stimulus package

Apr 15, 2019

The German government is dismissing talk of a stimulus package for Europe's biggest economy as growth slows amid international trade tensions and one-off factors at home

Trump using Tax Day visit to Minnesota to tout 2017 tax cuts

Apr 15, 2019

President Donald Trump will use Tax Day on Monday to visit Minnesota, an erstwhile Democratic stronghold that he hopes to flip in the 2020 election after nearly winning it in 2016

Malaysia says revised China deal shows costs were inflated

Apr 15, 2019

Malaysia's prime minister says a Chinese company building a rail link across the Southeast Asian nation will jointly help to manage and operate the network, part of revised deal that will get the stalled project off the ground

Nevada may be forced to reveal marijuana-license criteria

Apr 14, 2019

Nevada may be getting close to opening the books on businesses that sell marijuana in the booming legal marketplace

White House: Congress not smart enough to assess Trump taxes

Apr 14, 2019

The White House says Congress isn't smart enough to assess President Donald Trump's tax returns

GOP states discover a tax hike they have to like: for roads

Apr 14, 2019

After passing waves of tax cuts in recent years, some Republican-dominated states decide it's time to make a big exception _ pushing for tax increases to fix roads that are crumbling from years of neglect

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